Liquid Coolers

Liquid Coolers

Liquid Coolers

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Liquid coolers are used typically for the cooling of products from distillation columns and can be connected directly to the reflux head in a column. The product flows from top to the bottom of the unit through the coil battery across which the cooling water flows from bottom to top in the shell. Liquid coolers provide more resident time to the product to be cooled.

Area m2DNDN1DN2LTypeReference 
0.1402516600AGSHEF 1/1

0.2502516600AGSHEF 1/2
0.3802516600ASFHEF 1/3
0.351002519600ASFHEF 1/3.5
0.501502525600BSFHEF 1/5
1.001502525600BSFHEF 1/10
1.251502525850BSFHEF 1/15


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